Go Get it Media

Website Marketing

Go Get it Media is a heart-centered marketing services and education company which helps small businesses and organizations create on-line marketing materials and strategies that help them get their message out to more people. 

Go Get it Media also provides education, private coaching, workshops and on-line classes to empower business owners to handle their own marketing. 

A heart centered business heals, helps, inspires, educates or moves the world forward in some way. Some of GGM’s heart-centered clients include: book authors, health care providers, coaches and other small businesses. 

Taryn Kama, Principal - Taryn Kama, owner of Go Get it Media,  is an experienced media professional specializing in: on-line marketing, print/web communications, video, public relations, social media and information design. She is currently the owner of Go Get it Media, GGM (www.GoGetitMedia.com), a heart-centered marketing company

GGM is based in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii. She is a professor and a corporate trainer at two colleges. Taryn can be reached at this email. 

Additionally, she is founder and president of Go Get it Gal (www.GoGetitGal.com, GGG). GGG provides opportunities for women to achieve breakthroughs in their lives through challenging themselves in the outdoors.