4 - Week On-line Marketing Course

Go Get it Media

On-line Marketing For Heart Centered Businesses Course

A 4-Week Marketing On-line Course and Coaching For Building Your Heart Centered Business

This course will help you build your heart-centered business by building your on-line marketing and digital marketing skills. The was created by Go Get it Media and the course is offered through Udemy.com. Get your message out, get more clients, help more people. Click here to read more and register. 

- Do want to revamp your business? - Do you want to improve your on-line presence & increase sales? - Do you want to learn on-line marketing skills to help get your message out?

If you own a small business, specialize in healing, create or inspire, you will want to register for this class.

In this class, you will:

  • Evaluate your website to make sure it has key information
  • Examine why having an overall strategy is valuable
  • Define what SEO is; how to use keywords
  • Explore tools and lead magnets to drive traffic
  • Learn the basics of writing web content and using images
  • Study what it takes to make awesome marketing videos
  • Learn on-line and off-line ways to attract ideal clients
  • Write and bio and mission statement for your web presence and attract ideal clients
  • Explore blogging
  • Research email marketing as away to build your business
  • Create a 3-month marketing plan

 Click here to read more and register. ​