Go Get it Media

On-line Marketing For Heart Centered Businesses Course

4 - Week On-line Marketing Course

This course will help you build your heart-centered business by building your on-line marketing and digital marketing skills. The was created by Go Get it Media. Contact us for more details.

- Do want to revamp your business? - Do you want to improve your on-line presence & increase sales? - Do you want to learn on-line marketing skills to help get your message out?

If you own a small business, specialize in healing, create or inspire, you will want to register for this class.

In this class, you will:

  • Evaluate your website to make sure it has key information
  • Examine why having an overall strategy is valuable
  • Define what SEO is; how to use keywords
  • Explore tools and lead magnets to drive traffic
  • Learn the basics of writing web content and using images
  • Study what it takes to make awesome marketing videos
  • Learn on-line and off-line ways to attract ideal clients
  • Write and bio and mission statement for your web presence and attract ideal clients
  • Explore blogging
  • Research email marketing as away to build your business
  • Create a 3-month marketing plan

A 4-Week Marketing On-line Course and Coaching For Building Your Heart Centered Business